Who We Are

Rob Parker


Rob felt a call to full-time ministry and answered that call by raising a support team in 2010.  In addition to founding and running Partnership Development, Rob is the Director of Partnership Development for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.   Rob has trained over 1500 missionaries in Kansas City and around the country and has also authored 2 books.  He resides in Kansas City with his wife and son (and nearby daughter, son-in-law, and their three children).

Doug Goodmundson

Director of Ministry Relationships

Doug transitioned from being a financial planner into ministry with Bethany International in 2013 after raising up his support team.  In addition to serving as Director of Ministry Relationships for Partnership Development, Doug serves as the Director of Finance for Bethany Gateways (mission division of Bethany International) in Bloomington, MN.  He served as an elder of his church for three years, authored his first book on finances in 2016, and has overseen over 200 fundraising campaigns.  Doug lives in Bloomington with his wife and three children.