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The Partnership Development Online course is designed to give you the biblical basis for support raising, share with you tools that will help you prepare your campaign, and understand best practices in sharing your vision with others.

You will find 11 hours of short videos, a corresponding manual, and many helpful resources, tools, templates, supplements to assist you in preparing your campaign.

Inadequate preparation is the #1 reason missionaries don’t reach full funding.

Want to know what’s in the course?

You can download the Table of Contents here. In it you will find a brief summary of each of the 15 sessions along with the number of videos associated with each session.






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Each session has corresponding notes from Rob Parker’s manual, “Partnership Development For the Fully Funded Missionary.”

If you are called to full-time ministry, we believe God has a team for you. A team to support you in the work you are called to do. Get trained today.

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